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East Linn Christian Eagles Volleyball Tournament - September 14, 2019

September 14th, 2019 

Participating Teams 

Pool A: East Linn Christian, North Clackamas Christian, Triangle Lake, Colton
Pool B: Willamette Valley Christian, Regis, Western Christian, Scio 

Pool Play Schedule (1 Set to 25, win by 2, no cap)

Time            Pool 1 (Court 1)                      Lines                     Pool 2 (Court 2)                 Lines
9:00am        East Linn vs. NCC                  Triangle Lake       WVC vs. Western Chr        Regis
9:30am        Triangle Lake vs. Colton       NCC                      Scio vs. Regis                    Western Chr
10:00am      Colton vs. NCC                       Triangle Lake      Regis vs. Western Chr       Scio
10:30am      East Linn vs. Triangle Lake   Colton                 WVC vs. Scio                       Regis
11:00am      Colton vs. East Linn               NCC                     Regis vs. WVC                    Western Chr
11:30am      NCC vs. Triangle Lake            East Linn             Western Chr vs. Scio         WVC

Tournament Play Following Pool Play teams will be placed into a seeded tournament bracket (best of 3 game matches). The first two games of the match being played to 25, win by two, no cap. If necessary, the third game will be played to 15, win by two, no cap. Tournament Play is scheduled to start at noon.